Frequently Asked Questions about the Assessment Process

We are looking forward to getting to know you, there are many details which we will try to answer here, but if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to call our front desk who would love to help.

Initial Session

What needs to be done before arriving?

Paperwork!  This will be sent to you via email and through our Patient Portal.  All paperwork must be completed in advance as this will be used to help us prepare your account for cost estimations as well as the psychologist getting acquainted with the client prior to your arrival.  We understand calling for insurance information is not the norm in most medical fields, for more information on that click here. 

Should I provide any previous reports, school data or notes from other health professionals?

Yes!  Our goal is to look at the client as a whole.  Any information you can provide to give the psychologist a full picture of what has already occurred can be submitted in advance to our front desk, uploaded to the patient portal or brought with you.  It would be ideal to submit anything before your initial appointment so the psychologist can review prior to your arrival. 

Will any testing be done at this first appointment?

No, after this initial session the psychologist will determine which tests would best help determine what is going on based on the issues and history discussed.  This group of tests is called a “Testing Battery” and is what the contract cost and time estimation will be based upon.

Should my child come to the initial appointment?

If your child is over 16 and is agreeable to participating in the initial appointment then they should come.  Please inform the front desk as the initial session is then divided for the parents and the teen to meet with the psychologist separately.  Young children should not be present for the initial session.

What will be asked at the initial session?

The psychologist and the client/parents will review and discuss the completed Developmental History form, which focuses on the client’s presenting concerns and overall history of the presenting problem. This is a one hour session where the psychologist is seeking to determine what assessment measures need to be included in the assessment based upon considerations of strengths and deficits. 

What if our family needs more than one initial session?

We can accommodate this.  In the case where parents are divorced, or there are more than one caregiver and the initial session cannot be done together please talk to the front desk to discuss and make appointments. 

What does the process look like after that initial meeting?

The total assessment process typically takes around 2 months, but that also depends on the current office load and appointment lead time.  While we stay busy year round, the Fall season is our busiest so if your intent is to have an assessment complete before the end of the calendar year be sure to start the process and make appointments as early as possible.   

If you are In-Network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, or Medcost an overview of the process can be found here.  Further information on insurance can be found on the Insurance page

If you are paying yourself or paying and then submitting yourself to your insurance company, click here for the typical process.  

I or my child is in crisis, will the initial session provide answers for our situation?

No, the initial session is for the psychologist to discuss the client’s issues and get a full picture of what is going on.  The full process of assessment and diagnosis can take around 2 months.  If you or your child is in crisis, please discuss this with your psychologist who can assist with references to any emergency professionals which may be needed in the short term.


How many sessions will I have?  Will all appointments be made at the same time?

Each assessment will typically have anywhere from one to three testing appointments.  How many and how long they are depend on the specific testing battery (group of tests) that has been tailored based upon the client.  

Will all the testing occur on the same day?

As testing can be emotionally draining we try to stick with one appointment per day, and have them fairly close to each other, ideally within the same week.  If a client is closer to an adult, we can schedule testing in the morning.

I received the link to complete online questionnaires, is there a deadline?

Yes, the link to complete these forms will expire within 30 days, but all should be completed within 2 weeks of delivery.  Testing/Data collection is not considered complete and the scheduling of the Feedback Session cannot occur until this collection is finished.  

Help! The link for my questionnaires is not working, how can I reopen it?

If your link is not working, contact our psychometrician or front desk to have them recreate and resend this for you.

Do I have to stay with my child or can I just drop them off?

If your child is under the age of 12, or your child has special needs you will need to stay within the vicinity of the office should the child need to go to the bathroom or need assistance.  We have a waiting room with wifi you are welcome to wait in, or there is a building breakroom that also has seating. You are also welcome to wait in your car or stay close enough that we can text should you be needed.

My child is on medication, do they need to stop taking it on the day of their appointment?

This is a case specific decision, please discuss this with your psychologist in person or over secure email.

Should I bring snacks/water?  

We will provide water for drinking, if you or your child’s testing session will be long enough to need a snack break you are welcome to bring a small snack.  

Do you do testing after school or work hours?  

We try to schedule all testing in the morning.  Testing results tend to be better if administered during these hours and not after a draining school or work day. We can provide a school note for all appointments if required.

What should I expect after testing?  

Testing can be mentally and physically draining for the client.  A child may not be up for returning to school.  For every appointment, touch in with the front desk on your way out to confirm your next testing appointment, or see if it is possible to make your feedback appointment if all data collection is complete.


Should my child come to the feedback session?  

If your child is over 15 years old and you would like them to discuss the assessment findings with the psychologist, please let the front desk know in advance so we can arrange to divide the appointment between parents/caregivers and the client.

What if we need more than one feedback session?

This is typically discussed in the initial session with the psychologist so we can accommodate your needs and include it in the scope of the contract.  If this request should come after the contract is signed, please contact the front desk to discuss and make arrangements.

What if I don’t agree with the assessment?

Assessments are driven by the scientific data determined by (descriptive words – certified, industry standard?) tests.  The battery of tests for a client provides a collection of data which is then holistically interpreted by your psychologist who has the background of the client and is experienced in this field.  As questions arise after the feedback session, we would love to answer them and provide background for any diagnoses which are provided in the report.  If you still feel uncertain as to the outcome and would like a second opinion, the final report will provide the testing data which can be provided to another expert to review.

When will we get our report?  

Once the feedback session is complete, within a few business days you will receive a Diagnosis and Treatment Plan which is 1-3 pages long.  This is a summary of the results as discussed in the feedback session and can be used immediately with schools, work or services applications.  Within 4-6 weeks you will receive a full comprehensive report which is typically 30-40 pages long which will provide all of the details of the testing completed, conclusions & diagnoses, recommendations and resources.

What if I have questions or would like to talk more after my feedback session?  

Since the client is now known by the psychologist, can they begin therapy with them immediately after the assessment?  

Some assessments have recommendations for therapy specialists depending on the diagnosis outcome.  If your psychologist may be a good fit for a recommended therapy, discuss this with them in person or via email to discuss if they are taking on any new clients at this time.


What does the report look like?

What if I want to provide a scaled back report to a school/employer, can you provide a shortened version?

Yes, if this is desired, discuss this with the psychologist at the feedback session so the alternative report can be created at the same time as the full report with no extra charge.  Should you require an additional report after the full report has been issued and the assessment is complete please contact the front desk to discuss what specifically is needed and if.  

How long will this report be good for? 

Psychological and Neuropsychological reports typically are considered current for 3 years by State and National professional organizations.  If the client is utilizing this report for accommodations or services, please check with the providing organization as each may have its own guidelines for the frequency of assessments. 

How long will you keep this report in your files should I need it?

The report is considered part of the client’s file.  Client files for an adult are retained for 7 years.  Client files for a minor are retained for at least three years past the age of majority (age 18), or seven years, whichever is longer.

My church or school district paid for this assessment, what access do they have to the report?
This will be discussed and agreed upon on a case by case basis before the testing begins.  Any report authorization is clearly stated in your contract, assessment policies/agreement, and/or record release form which require signature authorization.


Our goal is to help you determine what is going on & pray it will bring relief, understanding and positive help for what issues are being discussed.  Sometimes the information the tests brought up is hard to hear, and may take time to process.  If you have any further questions or would like to meet with the psychologist to discuss more, we welcome the opportunity to meet further.  

If you should be dissatisfied with our office, our providers or your experience – we want to hear from you, please call or email Dr. Kraska at or (704) 675-7256.  We welcome feedback to help us know in what areas we are doing well and in what ways we can improve.  

Initial Session

A 60-minute first session, where presenting problems are reviewed (for client’s who are minors, this session is with their parents), the client’s history is discussed, and a plan for assessment is formulated by the psychologist. Following the initial session, the psychologist puts together the assessment battery (the tests to be used in the assessment) and a contract of services is emailed to the client for their review and approval.

Assessment Process

Testing/Data Collection

One to two sessions of interactive tasks completed at Genesis with the test tech and psychologist, including face to face tasks as well as electronic questionnaires, which are designed to gather multiple pieces of data regarding the client’s current functioning in multiple domains. Questionnaires are sent out (mostly electronically) to parents and teachers and/or significant others (for adults) in order to gather collateral information regarding the client’s functioning.

Feedback/Review Findings

A 90-minute session where the psychologist communicates all of the findings from testing, using visuals in order to highlight the client’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as any applicable diagnoses. A comprehensive treatment plan is discussed, which provides specific treatments, recommendations and resources/referrals in order to address the client’s identified weaknesses. Subsequently, a comprehensive report is sent out via email containing detailed findings from the assessment.

What clients are saying

“Dr. Chad Kraska has been instrumental in our family dynamic through counseling as well as educational and psychological assessments since 2014.  Not only have two of our children (teen and preteen) benefited, but we have gained great insight for understanding our children’s strengths and struggles in navigating the increasingly complex day to day responsibilities of growing up and discerning life’s challenges. We wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Kraska and his team and will be forever grateful for all they have done for us.”
Alan and Leigh Ann Wong
“Dr. Kraska is such a phenomenal psychologist! I’ve been seeing him for over two years now and he’s been a true lifeline to making progress in my life. He not only is the one who diagnosed me as being on the Autism Spectrum, but he helped me through figuring out how to be my most authentic self when around other people. If it weren’t for his consistent guidance and ease of conversation, I would still be spending all my time struggling to understand myself. My life is permanently improved due to the expertise and talent Kraska has in talking to people on the Spectrum.”

“Chad Kraska is a phenomenal resource with incredible expertise in so many areas and most specifically girls on the Autism Spectrum. So many girls go undiagnosed and Dr. Kraska is very well-versed and perceptive of the differences that present with these girls. He was the first to suggest ASD for our high-functioning daughter. His insight into my precious girl was the flagpole moment that saved our daughter and our family. I recommend Dr. Kraska to all of my clients for educational testing as well as suspected ASD in our high-functioning girls.”

Lindsay Leiviska, MA Teaching, Founder, A Heart for All Students
“Dr. Kraska is everything you would want in a Child Psychologist. We have been more than pleased with him. I recommend him to all my friends and family. He is great at what he does and an asset in our lives.”
Jessica Hartman DeVore
“Dr. Kraska is an excellent communicator and attentive to detail. He provides thorough diagnostic evaluations and individualized recommendations to help set his clients up for success.”
Dr. Melissa Karp, Au.D., Audiology and Hearing Services of Charlotte
“I know Chad to be a person of integrity. He is well trained, experienced and does excellent work. I look forward to referring him clients whenever the need arises.” 
Dr. John T. Magee, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist
“Chad has been a friend and colleague for several years and as such, I had the privilege to watch him work. He was a great resource for me for many things but especially questions related to testing, children and adolescents. While he is very intelligent, he is also very easy to relate to. Simply put, he is an all around excellent therapist.”
Mr. Mike Vaughn, MA, LCMHCS, CSAT

Thank you to Amy, Sarah and Stephanie for making my experience here very comfortable in a chaotic time of my life. If you are on the fence about working with this team or their services, I believe it is worth every penny for the clarity and insight they will provide.

Heather Stockdale, Customer

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