My church or school district paid for this assessment, what access do they have to the report?2022-04-08T20:45:53+00:00

This will be discussed and agreed upon on a case by case basis before the testing begins.  Any report authorization is clearly stated in your contract, assessment policies/agreement, and/or record release form which require signature authorization.

How long will you keep this report in your files should I need it?2022-04-08T20:45:30+00:00

The report is considered part of the client’s file.  Client files for an adult are retained for 7 years.  Client files for a minor are retained for at least three years past the age of majority (age 18), or seven years, whichever is longer.

How long will this report be good for?2022-04-08T20:45:13+00:00

Psychological and Neuropsychological reports typically are considered current for 3 years by State and National professional organizations.  If the client is utilizing this report for accommodations or services, please check with the providing organization as each may have its own guidelines for the frequency of assessments.

What if I want to provide a scaled back report to a school/employer, can you provide a shortened version?2022-04-08T20:44:59+00:00

Yes, if this is desired, discuss this with the psychologist at the feedback session so the alternative report can be created at the same time as the full report with no extra charge.  Should you require an additional report after the full report has been issued and the assessment is complete please contact the front desk to discuss what specifically is needed and if

What does the report look like?2022-04-08T20:44:42+00:00
What should I expect after testing?2022-04-08T20:42:33+00:00

Testing can be mentally and physically draining for the client.  A child may not be up for returning to school.  For every appointment, touch in with the front desk on your way out to confirm your next testing appointment, or see if it is possible to make your feedback appointment if all data collection is complete.

Do you do testing after school or work hours?2022-04-08T20:42:17+00:00

We try to schedule all testing in the morning.  Testing results tend to be better if administered during these hours and not after a draining school or work day. We can provide a school note for all appointments if required.

Should I bring snacks/water?2022-04-08T20:42:01+00:00

We will provide water for drinking, if you or your child’s testing session will be long enough to need a snack break you are welcome to bring a small snack.

My child is on medication, do they need to stop taking it on the day of their appointment?2022-04-08T20:41:42+00:00

This is a case specific decision, please discuss this with your psychologist in person or over secure email.

Do I have to stay with my child or can I just drop them off?2022-04-08T20:41:27+00:00

If your child is under the age of 12, or your child has special needs you will need to stay within the vicinity of the office should the child need to go to the bathroom or need assistance.  We have a waiting room with wifi you are welcome to wait in, or there is a building breakroom that also has seating. You are also welcome to wait in your car or stay close enough that we can text should you be needed.

Help! The link for my questionnaires is not working, how can I reopen it?2022-04-08T20:41:13+00:00

If your link is not working, contact our psychometrician or front desk to have them recreate and resend this for you.

I received the link to complete online questionnaires, is there a deadline?2022-04-08T20:40:56+00:00

Yes, the link to complete these forms will expire within 30 days, but all should be completed within 2 weeks of delivery.  Testing/Data collection is not considered complete and the scheduling of the Feedback Session cannot occur until this collection is finished.

Will all the testing occur on the same day?2022-04-08T20:40:42+00:00

As testing can be emotionally draining we try to stick with one appointment per day, and have them fairly close to each other, ideally within the same week.  If a client is closer to an adult, we can schedule testing in the morning

How many sessions will I have? Will all appointments be made at the same time?2022-04-08T20:40:24+00:00

Each assessment will typically have anywhere from one to three testing appointments.  How many and how long they are depend on the specific testing battery (group of tests) that has been tailored based upon the client.

I or my child is in crisis, will the initial session provide answers for our situation?2022-04-08T20:39:34+00:00

No, the initial session is for the psychologist to discuss the client’s issues and get a full picture of what is going on.  The full process of assessment and diagnosis can take around 2 months.  If you or your child is in crisis, please discuss this with your psychologist who can assist with references to any emergency professionals which may be needed in the short term.

What does the process look like after that initial meeting?2022-04-08T20:39:18+00:00

The total assessment process typically takes around 2 months, but that also depends on the current office load and appointment lead time.  While we stay busy year round, the Fall season is our busiest so if your intent is to have an assessment complete before the end of the calendar year be sure to start the process and make appointments as early as possible.   

If you are In-Network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, or Medcost an overview of the process can be found here.  Further information on insurance can be found on the Insurance page. 

If you are paying yourself or paying and then submitting yourself to your insurance company, click here for the typical process.

What if our family needs more than one initial session?2022-04-08T20:38:52+00:00

We can accommodate this.  In the case where parents are divorced, or there are more than one caregiver and the initial session cannot be done together please talk to the front desk to discuss and make appointments.

What will be asked at the initial session?2022-04-08T20:38:31+00:00

The psychologist and the client/parents will review and discuss the completed Developmental History form, which focuses on the client’s presenting concerns and overall history of the presenting problem. This is a one hour session where the psychologist is seeking to determine what assessment measures need to be included in the assessment based upon considerations of strengths and deficits.

Should my child come to the initial appointment?2022-04-08T20:38:08+00:00

If your child is over 16 and is agreeable to participating in the initial appointment then they should come.  Please inform the front desk as the initial session is then divided for the parents and the teen to meet with the psychologist separately.  Young children should not be present for the initial session.

Will any testing be done at this first appointment?2022-04-08T20:37:47+00:00

No, after this initial session the psychologist will determine which tests would best help determine what is going on based on the issues and history discussed.  This group of tests is called a “Testing Battery” and is what the contract cost and time estimation will be based upon.

Should I provide any previous reports, school data or notes from other health professionals?2022-04-08T20:37:23+00:00

Yes!  Our goal is to look at the client as a whole.  Any information you can provide to give the psychologist a full picture of what has already occured can be submitted in advance to our front desk, uploaded to the patient portal or brought with you.  It would be ideal to submit anything before your initial appointment so the psychologist can review prior to your arrival.

What needs to be done before arriving?2022-04-08T20:37:05+00:00

Paperwork!  This will be sent to you via email and through our Patient Portal.  All paperwork must be completed in advance as this will be used to help us prepare your account for cost estimations as well as the psychologist getting acquainted with the client prior to your arrival.  We understand calling for insurance information is not the norm in most medical fields, for more information on that click here.

Why would my insurance not fully reimburse for the assessment?2022-04-08T20:28:46+00:00

Your insurance company may reimburse fewer hours than billed. For example, some insurance companies only reimburse up to 12 hours of psychological testing, whereas 12-18 hours are typically billed for a full evaluation. It is your responsibility to verify coverage with your insurance company prior to consenting to services. While we do all we can to provide accurate estimates of coverage and benefits, we cannot control insurance companies interpretations or your policy coverage amounts.  You are ultimately responsible for all charges incurred from our services.

What parts of my assessment are NOT covered by my insurance even if I am in network?2022-04-08T20:28:23+00:00

Any late cancellation fees are not covered by insurance. Also, for assessments Genesis has a testing fee which covers administrative tasks which do not have associated codes to charge to insurance, this amount is clearly stated in your contract.

When is insurance filed? What paperwork should I expect?2022-04-08T20:28:09+00:00

Initial assessment and therapy appointments are filed with in-network insurance within 1 week of the appointment.
For assessments for “in-network” insurance, the amount which is listed in your contract will be submitted once the final report is complete. This submittal will include all testing and feedback appointments, scoring, review of records, diagnosis and report writing time.
You will receive an explanation of benefits (EOB) form from your insurance company which will provide many details, but the total amount paid to us should be close to the estimated coverage amount provided in your signed contract.

Can I file a claim but not tell the insurance company the diagnosis or outcome of the assessment?2022-04-08T20:29:23+00:00

No – claims cannot be processed without a diagnosis code. If you decide you will file your services with your insurance company, please be aware that any diagnosis made will become part of your child’s permanent insurance record. The only way to keep the diagnosis code from your child’s record is to pay out of pocket.

My insurance and residence is in another state, can I still be seen at Genesis?2022-04-08T20:27:17+00:00

If you are looking to be seen in person (in our office) then you will need to check with your insurance carrier if they will accept North Carolina providers as “in-network” for your specific policy. Due to professional licensing restrictions, we cannot at this time provide telehealth appointments with clients who are calling from another state.

Our insurance is considered “out of network”, what does that mean?2022-04-08T20:26:58+00:00

What this means is that we cannot submit claims to your insurance carrier on your behalf. For therapy, we can provide a receipt which can be used for you to submit as a claim. For assessment, once the final report is complete, we will provide you with a comprehensive superbill for you to submit as a claim to your insurance carrier. What coverage you will have for these services is determined by your individual insurance policy for mental health.

I have an insurance provider you have listed as “in-network” but they are saying you are “out of network” why is that?2022-04-08T20:26:28+00:00

Sometimes insurance policies specify that clients can only see a select group of approved providers. Your insurance carrier can provide details as to why your particular plan does not include all providers within the paneled network.

Which insurance carriers is my psychologist in-network with?2022-04-08T20:26:15+00:00

Genesis Clinical Services is on the panel with Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medcost, with some providers also individually approved for Aetna.
We are approved as an Out of Network Preferred Provider for Tri-care.

My insurance is requesting a letter of medical necessity or a form to be completed for a one-time case approval, can you help?2022-04-08T20:25:53+00:00

After the initial appointment, the psychologist can help complete the forms or provide a letter of medical necessity based upon background data provided and the initial appointment discussions only. We cannot ethically cannot provide diagnosis codes for the client after this initial meeting, but can provide suspected diagnoses which we recommend testing for.

My preauthorization for assessment was denied or only partially approved, what can I do to change that?2022-04-08T20:25:38+00:00

Preauthorization denials or partial approvals are able to be appealed within a certain time frame. This appeal must come from the client or the client’s responsible party (parent or caregiver). Genesis can provide support by sending any clinical information, and a provider recommendation of testing coverage based upon the background information and appointments which have occured. Once you have the appeal started, please contact us to coordinate needs.

I have heard that educational testing may not be covered by my insurance company, is that true?2022-04-08T20:25:23+00:00

For minors, any testing considered “educational” to test for learning disabilities, attention or achievement level will typically not be covered unless this testing is part of a group of tests looking at other psychological conditions. Since the public school system can evaluate for educational issues, insurance companies may consider any private educational testing not “medically necessary” and deny claims. If your testing will be purely educational in nature, we strongly recommend you call and discuss the client’s case with your insurance company before starting the assessment process, to confirm what will be covered.

My insurance carrier is considered “out of network”, will I still need preauthorization?2022-04-08T20:25:10+00:00

If you intend to submit claims to your insurance carrier and your policy has a preauthorization requirement, then yes this needs to be completed before any testing can occur. Genesis can submit this for you as it will need clinical information and coding. We will provide you a form to gather information of what is needed and who we will submit it to.

What is “preauthorization” and why do I need it?2022-04-08T20:24:53+00:00

Preauthorization may be required by an insurance company for assessments. This is determined by the coverage guidelines of individual policies. If pre-authorization is required and not obtained, insurance companies will deny any claims filed so it needs to be completed before any testing is to occur. Pre-authorization is not a guarantee of insurance reimbursement.

Why is coverage for assessments considered “subjective”?2022-04-08T20:24:38+00:00

Insurance companies have teams of specialists who will review and approve coverage for assessment services only once the assessment is complete and the resulting diagnosis is provided. They do not consider psychological testing “medically necessary” for “experimental” or “investigational” diagnoses. Diagnoses considered “experimental” or “investigational” vary depending on the insurance carrier and are subjective to the review team they have in place.

Why do I have to call my insurance and not you?2022-04-08T20:24:17+00:00

Since mental health insurance can be subjectively reviewed by your insurance carrier, we legally cannot take responsibility for determining your coverage should the final result be different from the original estimate. As a provider we also are limited in our access to your specific policy information, and are not provided details such as family deductible and if our providers are considered “in-network”.

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