We would love to support you throughout your adoption process. We offer psychological evaluations for both domestic and international adoptions. Dr. Kraska conducts psychological interviews and personality testing required by many adoption agencies, to ensure parents are fully-equipped to welcome a child into their family. We have experience assisting with adoptions from Columbia, Honduras, India, China, as well as a number of domestic locations.

Prior to your first appointment, an evaluation questionnaire must be completed regarding your background information (family of origin, education, personal history), relationship status (strengths and weaknesses of each individual, communication styles, how you handle stress), personality type (Myers Briggs and/or The Enneagram), motivation to adopt, and a description of others in your family (current children and/or others living in your home). All assessments are administered by our testing technician and interviews are conducted by Dr. Kraska. Depending on which assessments are needed for your adoption agency, appointments last approximately 2 hours. Both adoptive parents are required to be present at the appointment as Dr. Kraska will conduct a separate interview for each parent. While waiting, the other parent will complete the necessary assessments. After testing and interviews are complete, an evaluation letter will be sent to the adoption agency summarizing your information, assessment results, and notes from the clinician’s interview.

We offer the following personality assessments:

  • MMPI-3 (Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-Third Edition)
  • MIPS-R (Millon Index of Personality Styles, Revised Edition)
  • 16PF (Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire)

What clients are saying

“Dr. Chad Kraska has been instrumental in our family dynamic through counseling as well as educational and psychological assessments since 2014.  Not only have two of our children (teen and preteen) benefited, but we have gained great insight for understanding our children’s strengths and struggles in navigating the increasingly complex day to day responsibilities of growing up and discerning life’s challenges. We wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Kraska and his team and will be forever grateful for all they have done for us.”
Alan and Leigh Ann Wong
“Dr. Kraska is such a phenomenal psychologist! I’ve been seeing him for over two years now and he’s been a true lifeline to making progress in my life. He not only is the one who diagnosed me as being on the Autism Spectrum, but he helped me through figuring out how to be my most authentic self when around other people. If it weren’t for his consistent guidance and ease of conversation, I would still be spending all my time struggling to understand myself. My life is permanently improved due to the expertise and talent Kraska has in talking to people on the Spectrum.”

“Chad Kraska is a phenomenal resource with incredible expertise in so many areas and most specifically girls on the Autism Spectrum. So many girls go undiagnosed and Dr. Kraska is very well-versed and perceptive of the differences that present with these girls. He was the first to suggest ASD for our high-functioning daughter. His insight into my precious girl was the flagpole moment that saved our daughter and our family. I recommend Dr. Kraska to all of my clients for educational testing as well as suspected ASD in our high-functioning girls.”

Lindsay Leiviska, MA Teaching, Founder, A Heart for All Students
“Dr. Kraska is everything you would want in a Child Psychologist. We have been more than pleased with him. I recommend him to all my friends and family. He is great at what he does and an asset in our lives.”
Jessica Hartman DeVore
“Dr. Kraska is an excellent communicator and attentive to detail. He provides thorough diagnostic evaluations and individualized recommendations to help set his clients up for success.”
Dr. Melissa Karp, Au.D., Audiology and Hearing Services of Charlotte
“I know Chad to be a person of integrity. He is well trained, experienced and does excellent work. I look forward to referring him clients whenever the need arises.” 
Dr. John T. Magee, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist
“Chad has been a friend and colleague for several years and as such, I had the privilege to watch him work. He was a great resource for me for many things but especially questions related to testing, children and adolescents. While he is very intelligent, he is also very easy to relate to. Simply put, he is an all around excellent therapist.”
Mr. Mike Vaughn, MA, LCMHCS, CSAT

Thank you to Amy, Sarah and Stephanie for making my experience here very comfortable in a chaotic time of my life. If you are on the fence about working with this team or their services, I believe it is worth every penny for the clarity and insight they will provide.

Heather Stockdale, Customer

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